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Strong Heart 3.16.10 – LSG was always a diligent actor

(photo credit: newsen)

Guest, Go Joo Won, was on Tuesday night’s Strong Heart.  He was one of the main leads from the KBS 2006 drama Famous Princesses. HE said that b/c LSG did such a natural job in the drama, he though LSG as an actor would be “daebak” following that drama — to which everyone laughed. LSG joked that he wasn’t sure if that was a compliment or an insult. Go Joo Won said that yes LSG was also doing singing and then later variety, but that he thought LSG would do great in acting. Go Joo won said that on the Famous Princesses set, LSG was really hard working and very involved and thus he received a lot of love from the more seasoned actors.

I liked seeing how these actors were meeting up for the first time in like 4 years.  Go Joo Won is currently on the SBS drama OB-Gyn (i think that’s what it’s called) along with a good group of actors, including Jang Suh Hee, the SBS Drama Daesang Award winner from last year.  She was not on the show, but the other 4 cast members were on Strong Heart.  I especially liked the stories from the other 2 actors Suh Ji Suk and Song Joong Ki.

It was Suh Ji Suk’s second time on SH and he talked about how after being on thh show, people took more notice of him and that he was cast for his current drama afterwards. He said that after returning from the army, a lot of ppl had forgotten about him. the MCs also teased about his last SH appearance when he confessed his love for SNSD’s jessica, to which he said that he didn’t leave the house for a week for fear of getting beat up! if you didn’t hear about that ep, after the show, all the jessica fanboys wrote really mean comments on the online portals about Suh Ji Suk! geez.

Strong Heart has really found its groove as a show and is both funny and really touching at the same time. Though the ratings have leveled a bit, it’s still the number one show in its time slot, almost doubling KBS’s Win Win.

See video clip:  Seunggi and Girlfriend from Famous Princesses [SH cuts]

(credit: newsen)

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