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SeungGi wants to eat Activia yogurt (CF in the works)?

Posted on DClsg — A fan is reporting that LSG will be doing CFs for Activia yogurt (if true, confirming rumored posts from a a few months back). She said she called the company (of course!) and they said Seunggi CFs should start airing in April. And that the rep kept chuckling, saying that they’re not really supposed to tell people in advance. the fan told the rep that once the CF starts  she will buy a lot of activia products!

A lot of food/drink products for LSG, all that healthy image type of stuff.

3 Responses

  1. hasn’t he already surpassed kim yuna with the number of commercial films?

    • no way. yuna is the queen of cfs and deservedly so! :) if you go to the link to the left under 1)LSG websites — go to the one that says:

      LSG- CFs rankings ad.co.kr

      and you’ll see a real-time current list of the top CF models based on the number of cfs that are airing on tv and in print. yuna has 29 and lsg has 21.

  2. I think it is better this way then he will has less anti:)

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