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Behind-the-Scenes of LSG’s Pizza Hut Smart Lunch CF

(credit: DClsg)

New behind the scenes, making of the CF has been uploaded to the Pizza Hut website.  you can check the website later in the links to the left (buffering is bad).  I like the pick jacket outfit even better than the mint one.  omg, looks like he had to eat A LOT of carbs!  he is too cute and funny!

(credit: leeseunggi01)

(credit: DClsg)

2 Responses

  1. Yea! agree with you! I too really like the pink outfit. And yes he really look cute and funny.

  2. hi,ann

    i sent Personal Message to you on soompi

    don’t forget to check it

    and… thanks for sharing all news of our seunggi ^^

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