Outdoorsy Seunggi or Dentist Seunggi

Seunggi and Lee Minjung’s Kolon Sport photo is up on the Kolon website.  The website photo is way better quality than the press ones circulated before.  nice website; says they won some web award last year for it.  btw, LSG and LMJ look really good together!  makes me think of LSG’s solo trekking trip on 1n2d – loved that episode!  this ad def makes me want to go out and buy some nice sleek outdoorsy wear and do something outdoorsy! And woah, check out dentist Dr. SeungGi.

New event advertisement w/ other photos is up on the Perioe website.  I’ve been noticing that the bright blue color looks really good on LSG.  I feel like he’s worn that blue cardigan a few times, like on Strong heart and the max cfs.  So, I guess seeing LSG as a dentist will make you want to use perioe products and take better care of your teeth? ha ha ha.

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