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Lee Seung Gi ♥ Shin Ji Soo on Strong Heart

(photo credit: Newsen)

Coincidental timing or perfectly planned public relations coup for SeungGi with the announcement of his new Kdrama, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho?  As posted previously here, Shin Ji Soo (LSG’s girlfriend/wife) from his 2006 KBS drama Famous Princesses will be on the Tuesday broadcast of Strong Heart.  Per TV Daily, the SJS and LSG hadn’t seen each other in a long time and there was a heartwarming feel on the set of Strong Heart’s filming.

They received a lot of love for playing a young sweet couple (he was her tutor, then boyfriend, then the father of her baby, and then her husband).  LSG greets her on Strong Heart in his Hwang Taeja character, and she responds by saying, “I’ve been wanting to see you, Taengja’s Dad.”   Supposedly, SJS confesses “Honestly, there are a lot of things that I was saddened by b/c of LSG” getting everyone all interested in what she had to say.  She says, “LSG had me confused by asking me ‘By any chance, do you like me?'” which got LSG nervous.

So looking forward to seeing this Strong Heart ep!  I never watched this drama, I actually didn’t even know LSG back then.  But I was really moved by the two after seeing clips from the drama.  I think his acting was quite good for his first acting role (that is, minus sitcom, Nonstop).

See video clip:  Seunggi and Girlfriend from Famous Princesses [SH cuts]

4 Responses

  1. Yes, I am looking forward to this episode too. I love this couple. LSG’s acting was good and natural in that drama. And I think SJS is so cute with her big round eyes.
    It would be really wonderful if you can give us the gist of their conversation after you have watch it? Pity non Korean speaking fans like me who can only smile but cannot laugh when watching StrongHeart! Hehe

    • news about the this ep has been in the press all morning and SJS’s name has been in the top 10 search list all morning. hopefully there will be some video up somewhere afterwards. i’ll def post up a at least a loose summary afterwards! even if ppl wanted to sub, i think it’d be hard. too bad SBS doesn’t have like a KBSworld type channel.

      • i’d be so much thankful if you can help us atleast understand the gist of this episode. I’m sure fans who don’t understand korean like me will surely love that idea if you can post a summary. good luck!!

  2. cute

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