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SeungGi’s hit 50% for Popularity Vote for Baeksang Awards

Per DClsg, LSG fans in Korea had a voting event in Korean tonight for the Baeksang Awards Popularity vote.  They even created a promo flyer for the event!  the fans are like doing the PR job for LSG that Hook’s supposed to do! 

LSG was already in 1st place with a 10%+ lead over TVXQ’s YunoYuno, but the goal from fans is to get him to 50% by the time voting ends.  I know YunoYuno’s Kdrama tanked but this is still TVXQ we’re talking about…  says a lot about the persistent and devoted LSG fans in Korea.  Hook better pay attention and not take them for granted! 

Check out the link at the Baeksang Awards link at the top left to see the real time voting results.  There’s still 10 days to go until voting ends so anything can happen, so remember to keep up with the results until then.

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