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Celebrate White Day (Korea’s Valentine’s Day) with SeungGi

(credit: DClsg)

It’s White Day in Korea tomorrow (March 14th), Asia’s version of Valentines Day.  It’s supposed to be a day that girls give the guys chocolates.  I think it’s meant for couples and the April 14th Black Day is the equivalent for singles.  Koreans just love to divide up couples vs singles, don’t we??? :) 

Anyway, it looks like all the SeungGi marketing is coming out in full force to celebrate White Day.  Here’s LSG’s first promo poster from LG Perioe.  At the bottom it says “On White Day, give Perioe cool mints as a gift.” 

Per, DClsg, he won’t be filming any CFs for this until 3-4 months later, but looks like they’ve already started other marketing.  Looks like Perioe website hasn’t updated yet so don’t forget to check in on Perioe website  in the coming weeks; site listed to the left under CFs.  He’s also the face for LG Perioe’s Claren teeth whitening product.

So I guess LSG is really slowly transforming from nation’s younger brother to nation’s boyfriend — like w/ all his new CFs you see this.  for example, I really liked the look and concept of this Haitai Pyong Chang Su water CF.

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