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Samsung Zipel fridge also does a SeungGi fashion shoot?

I don’t know if i’ve ever heard of a kitchen furniture company doing a photo shoot to go along with the CF filming!  omg, Samsung seriously knows how to coerce LSG fans to buy a blinged out fridge!   These are gorgeous photos. amazing sets. Seunggi looks hot! And more importantly, it shows him looking like he knows what he’s doing in the kitchen! yay! this should put to rest all those 1n2d cooking snafus!!!

(credit: DClsg)

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4 Responses

  1. either he is very tall or the fridge is quite short. But I think he is a very tall person

  2. oh my god! he dance so cute,,..look at dclsg forum guyss woww

  3. seductive and tempting fridge, hhhmmm a very elegant (wishful thinking) #1 on a wishlist for an anniversary gift with LSGi as a freebie… hehehe!

  4. he does look really HOT!!

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