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SeungGi and HoDong dressing/acting alike [PhotoDiary]

SBS Photo Diary [English] from the recent Strong Heart episode.

omg, Hodong and Seunggi are starting to dress alike now! that can’t be a good thing… for either one of them, considering the outfits that LSG’s cody has been putting him in these days!!

And what is up with Seunggi’s outfit?  I’m not sure this was what I was thinking when I wanted his cody to put him in more appropriately fitted outfits… LSG looks like he’s going to go all incredible hulk any minute!!!  And please cody, no more brooches!  Why are they necessary?  The brooches drive me crazy! and not in a good type of crazy way!

(credit: bedifferent, SBS;  English: LSGfan)

On Tuesday night ~~~ Kang Shim Jang!!!!!

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4 Responses

  1. the clothes was like fresh from the dryer machine that accidentally got shrink and there is no other way to resolve it but to wear it anyway with a mind of “WHO CARES! I GOT THE LOOKS AND THE BRAIN…” His stylist is way over the top when dressing up our SMILE BOY and s(h)e should know it better that LSGi’s fans cares so much how he is well presented neatly at the public.

    Hi dear, thanks for working hard like our boy here, hope you managed now how to balance life with LSGi… Be healthy!

  2. Ha. everyone’s neverending love-hate relationship w/ his stylist cody is too funny! btw, love your video clips.

    this is all more of a stress reliever for me… very theraputic!

  3. 아~~ (n_n) 우리 오빠 잘한다 잘한다 잘한다~! 사랑해요~ !

    • 한국분 이에요? 반가워요!!
      한국분이 이부로그를 차자주셔서 기분이좋아요!!
      꼭 다시오세여!!!

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