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Yoona prefers Princes or Beasts: Seunggi or 2pm Taecyeon?

*** UPDATED with more Behind-the-Scenes photos ***

Seunggi serenades gagwoman Lee Young Ja on last week’s Strong Heart, and everyone finds it cute and endearing (Part 2 of that episode airs tonight).  Anyway, when Seunggi is linked to Yoona (even if it’s all for fun), people freak out.  Why?!

Hopefully most people know that Seunggi is over-reacting.  I just find the whole thing hilarious and the way LSG plays into it all is too funny!  See the cut below w/ Eng subs of LSG, Yoona, Taecyeon from Strong Heart 2.9.10 episode.

EDIT — Looks like SBS is going the KBS route and shutting down all the youtube clips!  ugh!  so annoying!

Hodong asks Yoona to forget about personality, popularity, and just based on appearance, who does she prefer, Seunggi or Taec?  To which Seunggi says they should throw in personality to which Hodong tries to create drama by responding, why you think Taec has a good personality!  And seunggi says no it’s not that, it’s just that if it’s based just on appearance he thinks he’d be at a disadvantage.  Everyone laughs and they tease him asking him why he’s being so competitive.

Anyway on the count of 3, with both Seunggi and Taec looking nervous, Yoona says “Lee Seunggi oppa” and Seunggi is thrilled!  ha ha ha.

Hodong asks why she picked him.  Yoona says both guys are really great, and Taec is very cool and good looking, as is Seunggi – but she tends to like more of the sweet, gentle type of guy, which of course makes Seunggi super happy!  Ha ha ha.  It was all super funny!

Seems LSG – Yoona pair is not sitting well with many LSG fans; maybe it’s more about not liking LSG w/ any girl!   Also, supposedly it doesn’t go over well with Yoona fans either, and LSG fans are worried about possible LSG antis developing (many Yoona guy fans) because of this!  Ok, fans, potential antis, everyone, need to chill out!  I like both LSG and Taec, as well as Yoona.  I just can’t stand antis!

Anyway, the photos below were posted on the Strong Heart Photo Diary, but then were taken down soon afterwards.   And the PDs also chose not to have the loveline story included in the show.  Seems like the PDs knew they’d get tons of upset message board comments from seunggi fans, some who were already threatening to boycott the show if they continued a loveline into the next episode.  Omg, i’m actually curious to know what they were talking about here!

They say pictures are worth a thousand words…

And more Behind-the-Scenes photos from that ep:

(Images credit: Korean Press as labeled; Tryp96; SBS)

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12 Responses

  1. whoa! I just can’t believe that lsg had anti fans because of yoona. I thought before that those fans were lsgi’s and didn’t yoona as his match. I’m just wondering how come they didn’t react much when it comes to nick khun and taekyeon. i’m sorry for misunderstanding but i really thought that the fans were against of yoona.

  2. seung gi and yoona are cute together!

  3. Both Seung Gi & Yoona are attractive individuals, and they complement each other well when together. They may actually have chosen as their ideal person each other, but guys there is nothing serious or romantic going on with these two. So, Seung Gi fans chill out, YoonA’s not gonna get your beloved idol, and its not her fault that LSG chose her, nor did she asks to be one of the choices. Be considerate and reasonable, OK.

  4. […] Based on current votes, it looks to be SNSD’s Yoona, whom the press is probably crossing their fingers for based on previous Strong Heart Yoona-LSG hoopla.   […]

  5. i love this scene,,,,
    can someone tell me where can i see this again wiyh eng sub?
    the first time i see was on youtube but now i can find anywhere,
    Thanks very much from your help

  6. Hi, Thanks for the link.

  7. do you noe where i can watch this episode with english subs???

  8. hi! which episode is this? thanks!

  9. I like this article, because it’s quite objective…and when I saw the picture of Yoona and Seunggi (when they made a heart shape with their hands), I just think that Yoona already sang ‘Introduce Me a Good Man/Person’….It’s just what I’m thinking…^^.. because she holds a microphone and there are two guys from Super junior hold microphones too. She also holds flowers, like a bride..hehe.. it’s just what i think…don’t take seriously about it…^^

  10. anyone that yoona choose, we can just agree n support her.. even its hurts soooo much, but this is the real love right.. :( u r happy if ur loved ones is happy.. may every sone found an almost perfect person just like yoong.. ^_^

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