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Popularity of LSG’s clothes & accessories worn on 1n2D

Another homage to commemorate LSg’s Style Icon of the Month Award from Olive.

Most of the time, I just want to yell at his stylist about her choices to dress him like an old man.  but sometimes, she makes some really good choices…. two of my favorites from the a fan’s compilation.  You can check out the rest at Daum LSG starzone.

I absolutely LOVED this super stylish yet structured jacket he wore after he came back from swine flu back in Nov 2009:

And the asking price — $370 (US).  First time I heard of SPY brand but love it!

Another one of my all time fave Seunggi looks from 1n2d from the episode where they get dressed up in suits and use MC mong’s manager in place of Hodong as MC.  LSG looked great in that suit!  also I think he was wearing glasses. really loved the whole look.  and he also accessorized with a nice Nixon watch…

which just happens to be just a mere $570 (US). :)

Seunngi has such a great way of wearing clothes in a way in which he can pull off both the luxurious look as well as the casual guy next door look.  But seriously, what’s up with his codi most of the time???  She must hear all the comments from fans about some of her lame choices, no?

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