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Happy Together Lunar New Year special, 2/9/10 [photos]

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This was one of the highest rated Happy Together episodes:
TNS Media = 22.0%
AGB Nielsen = 20.7%

February 9, 2010 Lunar New Year Special.  Guests included:
Lee Seung Gi, Kim Jong Kook, GaIn and Narasha, Mighty Mouth’s Shorry J.

See Happy Together photoblog Post #55 for more photos of the other guests.  It was a hilarious ep!  and Kim Jong Kook was so funny too and so were Gain and Narasha from the Brown Eyed Girls.

Happy Together Photodiary- LSG parts
(English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)
Sharing because it’s just incredible how much everyone always loves Seunggi.

Who is that bright shining young man next to strong Kim Jong Kook?

Politely greeting Myungsoo and…

also brushing his teeth together in friendly fashion w/ MC Yoo,

a well-mannered young man that doesn’t forget seek out JongKook hyung first to say hello!

Loved by everyone in 2009! And also a person that everyone can’t help to love in 2010!

The nation’s representative 엄친아 (uhm-chin-ah)!
Representative lovable guy! Seunggi Seunggi ~ Lee Seunggi ~ ~ !
[fyi: 엄친아 is a popular Korean term referring to an ideal guy/girl that every mom wants her kid to be like; kind of sad that we have a term like this… the pressure!]

Seunggi’s special performance to commemorate this new year.

After letting out some nervous laughter, he clears his throat…

Okay okay ~ Lee Seunggi is singing “Love taught me to drink” ~♪

Ah~ it just totally melts you~
Seunggi’s voice completely wins the women’s hearts~~

The four men’s “Abaracadabra”

And yet, this is not the end!
Together, Shin Bong Sun and Lee Seunggi do “My ear’s candy”~

La La~ lalalala lala lalala~ lalala~ ♪

OMG~~~ Bongson, we’re totally envious of you!!
Now now everyone! Don’t get all worked up. This is only a dance!

Ah totally melts our heats~ melts our hearts~

Did you say that this seating looks strange?
As a singer, actor, and on top of that as an MC, Seunggi is so resourceful!
So that’s why they tried this out!
Impromptu Lee Seunggi’s Happy Together ~~~

Okay! So why don’t we try opening Lee Seunggi’s Happy Together…?
Seunggi: “After two years, we’re so happy to have guest Yoo Jaesuk…”
But, Yoo Jaesuk, do you have something personally prepared to showcase?
Yoo Jaesuk: “Um…”

Jaesuk: “Yes I have something!”

Seunggi’s talented MCing even gets national MC Yoo.

Photo credits:  KBS Happy Together

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  1. what is the number of the episode?
    I didn’t know about Seunggi appearing in Happy Together before.
    I would like to look for the eng subbed videos ><

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