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Lee Seung Gi, the reason he filmed the ‘nude’ CF?

News article (from Feb 22) about the story behind LSG’s recent Chung Jung Won CF:
(English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

Regarding the recent talk about Lee Seung Gi’s revealing CF, he mentioned that “the exposure aspect was minimized compared to what was originally planned.” Lee Seung Gi exposes his upper body in the recent Chung Jung Won CF ‘2010 Healthy Nude – Lee Seung Gi takes off.” Having always adhered to a “model” image, this is the first time Lee Seung Gi shows his upper body.

Upon meeting with Lee Seung Gi during the filming of KBS’s 1 Night 2 Days on the 19th at the Kyung Nam terminal, he said “both my company and myself were sensitive about the exposure aspect. ‘I will never take off my clothes’ was my stance. Hodong hyung who had seen the CF even joked with me ‘so you’ll take off your clothes if they give you money’ and the filming time frame was immediate and the concept already was ‘taking off your clothes.’ Originally, more revealing exposure was set but during the filming decided to take that out. After the filming, I was really stressed about it, but was relieved that it didn’t come out so burdensome in the end.”

Kang Ho Dong who was nearby joked ‘Aren’t you filming too many CFs on your own?’ and ‘Have you asked the CF companies about a 1n2d team cf?’ Taken aback, Seunggi said ‘I’m not really in a position yet to make those types of comments. All the decisions about CFs are made by my company but if I were to get a chance to have any decision in the matters then I would definitely want to film a CF with the 1n2d team members.’


Hodong cracks me up!  Also, not sure if LSG is going to show his abs.  Actually, i hope not.   I find these types of pix and CFs from the other kpop stars kind of lame and sort of embarrassing!  like i said before, only LSG could pull this type of CF off.  anyone else, and it would’ve seemed completely sleazy.  :)

Just as an fyi — looks like Chung Jung Won is a respected good natural ingredient food brand in Korea (on the pricey side) that offers a range of products and includes top models for their cfs. for ex, Lee Hyori is also currently a model, and so were film stars Jung Woo Sung and Jang Dong Gun. Check out LSG’s CF from earlier post.

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