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Baeksang Arts Awards -Update on Popularity Vote Award

The prestigious 46th annual Baeksang Arts Awards will be held on March 26th.  LSG and Brilliant Legacy are up for awards.  LSG has some strong competition, particularly Kim Nam Gil from MBC’s super popular Queen Sun Deok, but I think he still has a good chance.

The Popularity Vote has been going on since Feb 26  and will continue through March 23.   There are a total of 4 awards for this:  TV – Male and Female; and Film – Male and Female.

Seunggi is in the Male TV category and he and Yuno Yuno from TVXQ (for his role in Heading Down) were neck and neck, but looks like LSG is pulling ahead.  The drama Heading Down had horrible ratings but it’s Yuno Yuno and TVXQ and this is a popularity vote so I’m actually surprised that LSG is ahead, that is of right now.

Current results:  LSG = 46% and YY = 38%.  You can see the ongoing results here.   Also included in the Blogroll list to the left so you can keep up with the ongoing results until March 23rd.

And it just so happens to be that Yoona is in first place for the TV female award.  Will we see Yoona and LSG on the stage together?  Hwang Jung Eom from MBC sitcom High Kick through the Roof is in a distant second.  Hwang Jung Eom also just happens to be the one, for her KBS Ideal Cup Guy, chose LSG and Kim Nam Gil for her final two ideal guys; LSG lost out to Kim Nam Gil.  She talked about how much she secretly liked LSG!  Dont’ we all! :)

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