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Olive names LSG style icon of the month for March [video]

okay even seunggi seems baffled and incredulous about having been chosen as the style icon of the month!  ha but per the video, they highlighted LSG’s all aroundness and his talents and his cuteness and hard work ethic…   so I think perhaps it has more to do with style overall versus style in terms of fashion sense — now this makes more sense!

(cr: tryp96)

hopefully, his cody doesn’t think this is some affirmation of her totally terrible fashion sense. she drives me crazy! Olive’s the one that ran the Style Icon Awards last year for which LSG was nominated but he did not attend the awards show. Olive is a korean tv channel geared at women – it’s similar to channels here in the States such as Oxygen, WE, Style, etc. so not too surprising that LSG was picked at some point!

on a related note, the host of Project Runway Korea is on MBC’s Come to Play Monday night and supposedly she said that she wants to keep LSG by her side for 24 hours… you’ll have to watch the show to find out why she said that.  i’m hoping it’s b/c LSG has a terrible cody/stylist and so she wants to style LSG!  please!

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