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New sleek luxurious Zipel fridge design CF

Seems that LSG is really more ‘national boyfriend’ then ‘national younger brother’ now!  looks like all the newer CFs coming out for him focus more on the manly Seunggi!  I’m thinking this is what people want more of anyway! He looks great!

I think this whole black and gold fridge concept is sort of weird.  it’s def a luxurious feel but koreans (asians in general) are notorious for being germaphobes… and having a black colored fridge that will attract dust seems sort of a crazy notion, no?  also it’s supposedly seriously high-tech… and it ain’t cheap.  in this economy, are ppl going to shell out for a blinged out fridge????

Zipel Massimo Zucchi CF

Only hear Seunggi’s voice.  Diamonds and gems in a fridge CF?!

(credit: leeseunggi01)

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