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Lee Seung Gi wins 2009 Golden Disk Award [video]

LSG’s song ‘Will you Marry Me’ was released during summer 2009, and despite not being able to promote the song because he was filming Brilliant Legacy, it still received much much love and won the Golden Disk Digital Bonsang Award last year on December 10, 2009. Read LSGfan’s translation of Seunggi’s speech…

(credit: yhdiary)

LSGfan’s translation of only Seunggi’s part [1:15 ~ 2:45].

Award presented by:  Ha Seok Jin & Lee Yeon Hee.

LYH: Will you please reveal the winner of the digital single Bonsang Award?
HSJ: The 24th annual Golden Disk Digital Bonsang… “Will you Marry Me?”
LYH: Lee Seung Gi, congratulations!
MC: The final winner for the 24th annual Golden Disk Digital Bonsang is Lee Seung Gi. Although Will You Marry Me was not formally or actively promoted, but was still able to win the Digital Bonsang award. Lee Seung Gi, we sincerely congratulate you!

LSG: Thank you so much. It’s been a while since I received an award, so I’m nervous and very thankful to receive such a big award. 2009 was a very special and thankful year for me. I will work harder because of this. I’m thankful to my Hook Entertainment family who have allowed me to be here today. And I want to say thank you to our Entertainment president Kwon Jin Young. Lastly, thank you to the many fans and Airens who loved Will you Marry Me. Thank you. I love you. I’ll work hard.

Loved how Teuk Academy guys did the Strong Heart dance for him! But why the heck are they playing his song Let’s Break Up when he just won for Will you Marry Me?!

And Seunggi looked great…

The song was played on Brilliant Legacy.  Aw, LSG and HHJ were the perfect couple!

(credit: RomajiChannel)

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