[ENG] Entertainment Relay – Lee Seung Gi Talks Vitamin CF Shoot, Model Image, Strong Heart Dating, Upcoming Drama

English translation of video cut and screencaps of the interview…

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TVXQ Yunho on Seunggi-Yoona Dating, “Seunggi is really a good guy”

English translation of the Seunggi mention part at (9:50 ~ 11:00)…

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[ENG] Nation’s Uhm-chin-ah Lee Seunggi and SNSD Yoona are Dating – 2013.01.04 KBS Entertainment Weekly

English translation of the video…

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[ENG] Seunggi is Asked About His ‘Girlfriend’ on Noonas Over Flowers

English translation of the Noonas Over Flowers cut…

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[ENG] Seunggi and Yoona Dating News – 2014.01.02 MBC Live This Morning

Wasn’t ready to post anything about this news yet.  But we’re into day 2 and reality has settled in… *sobs*  If I can date, then I should let him too, right?!  But can’t help but to feel heartbroken, yet still happy for Seunggi. Especially when you can’t help but to grin like crazy at everyone being so happy for them.  But I would feel so much better if Seunggi communicated something to us soon.  English translation…

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2011 SBS GaYo DaeJun: SeungGi feat YoonA [Time for Love]

Time for Love – Seunggi feat. Yoona
See original video with lyrics + narration feat. Han Hyo Joo (video: aobee123)

Narration. Parts 1 and 2

Excuse me [Yes]
You’re very beautiful [Thank you]
By any chance, your phone… [Huh?]
Your phone… [Please speak louder]
May I use your phone?

Girl: Do you have something else to say?
LSG: Yes, I really have something to say…
Girl: What’s that?
LSG: We should… We should…
Girl: Should… we date?

English: LSGfan

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2011 SBS GaYo DaeJun recap: SeungGi + YoonA & JiHyo

Red Carpet – MC Lee Seunggi.  The guy in charge of the red carpet asked most of the idol groups to strike their best pose for the cameras.  But he asked Seunggi to do the heart sign!  Seunggi was introduced as MC and this generation’s uhm-chin-ah.  Aw~!

December 29, 2011.  SBS Korean Gayo Daejun (Music Festival).  Pretty amazing how SBS got pretty much everyone on the Kpop IT list to participate (minus Big Bang and JYJ)!  Despite the hot performances, which the press acknowledged, there was a lot of criticism – way too long and tedious, more presentation-style versus enjoyment, lakc of singing skills on display, the numerous copying of Beyonce stages, too many American song covers, excessive scripting of “hallyu” mentions, too many performers, poor camera work, lots of technical glitches (including Seunggi’s mic at the beginning of his live stage)…

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