Pizza Hut CF making film – More cute from Lee Seung Gi and child actor

(video: LSG TH)

Sp cute @0:20~ Child actor Choi Roh Eun sneezes, and Seunggi’s reaction.
I miss watching Seunggi getting ready to eat like this @1:07~

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Facebook ‘Like’ World Hunger Relief event with Lee Seunggi & Pizza Hut (1 Like = $1)

October 15, 2013.  Another event from Pizza Hut for the 2013 World Hunger Relief campaign with endorsement model Lee Seunggi~~

Pizza Hut’s ‘World Hunger Relief’ (WHR) campaign
“I Like WHR sampler to support child hunger relief launch event!”
October 15-31, 2013

Click ‘Like’ for Pizza Hut facebook event and participate in the $1 for each ‘Like’ click event and the funds raised will be donated to the United Nations World Food Programme!

For each $2.35 purchase of a WHR wings and tender sampler at Pizza Hut, an equivalent amount to feed four children will be donated to the United Nations World Food programme.

Get the World Hunger Relief sampler here through the end of October.

Our goal for this event is to gather 5,000 people and donate at least $5,000!

English: LSGfan via Pizza Hut Korea facebook

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Lee Seunggi shirt auction for 2013 Pizza Hut’s ‘World Hunger Relief’ campaign

Seunggi’s 4th consecutive year supporting the World Hunger Relief campaign, as endorsement model for Pizza Hut.  October 15, 2013. Nice fundraising event to support the United Nations World Food Program to support hunger relief for children.  Too bad it was only a brief, day event, but still great and for a good cause!  Pizza Hut facebook has other related events going on too.  More details about this event…

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Fall for ‘Nation’s Hyung’ Lee Seunggi’s heartwarming charms [Pizza Hut CF filming]

[Exclusive] Fall for ‘Nation’s Hyung’ Lee Seunggi’s heartwarming charms
October 8, 2013

English: LSGfan via Hankooki

Actor Lee Seunggi is entertainment’s reigning hoon-nam (heartwarming) star. Boasting perfect chemistry with any female actress, he has showcased extraordinary charms.  So what would his chemistry be like if the person were male, not a female actress, or perhaps, a coupling with a child? On location for a recent commercial shoot, Lee Seunggi transformed into an attentive and warm ‘Nation’s Hyung.’ Partnering with child actor Choi Roh Eun, Lee Seunggi showed off his charming ability to make the child smile just by looking at him. We stopped by Lee Seunggi’s CF filming shoot to check out the charms of the ‘Nation’s hyung.’

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PIzza Hut ‘Double Box’ CF – Seunggi and his cute little twin

* UPDATE: ENG-subbed video~~ CF is just TOO cute~!! Thx Vakaala!

(video: ENGrapport)

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Pizza Hut CF preview – Seunggi and child actor are too cute

Aww~~  Can’t wait to see this CF.  SO cute. Seunggi hyung is the best~!
Child actor Choi Roh Eun’s bowl cut, but so glad Seunggi didn’t the same.
I really want to hug both of them~~~ especially our main guy.

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[ENG] Pizza Hut special delivery event with Lee Seunggi

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