[ENG] Seunggi and Yoona Dating News – 2014.01.02 MBC Live This Morning

Wasn’t ready to post anything about this news yet.  But we’re into day 2 and reality has settled in… *sobs*  If I can date, then I should let him too, right?!  But can’t help but to feel heartbroken, yet still happy for Seunggi. Especially when you can’t help but to grin like crazy at everyone being so happy for them.  But I would feel so much better if Seunggi communicated something to us soon.  English translation…

2014.01.02 MBC Live This Morning
2014 First Official Couple Lee Seunggi ♥ Yoona
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

2014’s first official couple is born. Nation’s Younger Brother Lee Seunggi and his ideal type SNSD’s Yoona are dating.

2014 January 1. Wreaking havoc on the internet on the first day of the year, the persons behind this dating news is… Nation’s Younger Brother Lee Seunggi… and a member of popular girlgroup SNSD… Yoona.

According to the dating news, they’ve been getting to know one other better over the past 4 months. To hear more about these top stars’ dating news, we stopped by their agencies. But were unable to meet anyone. And trying to connect by phone was not easy.

However, as soon as news of their dating broke, both respective agencies confirmed the dating news within an hour. So, when did they first start meeting?  We met with the [Dispatch] reporter.

Dispatch: Typically, after his scheduled activities, Lee Seunggi would drive directly up to Yoona’s apartment garage, and after picking her up, they would drive down the street, or Namsan, or the Han River. That’s how their dates typically happened.

R: To see more in detail, we were able to obtain this video footage, which wasn’t easy.  They would meet late in the evening and would always return by at least 1am.  Netizens nicknamed this the “Cinderella date.” They always stayed in the car.

Dispatch:  The windows on the car are tinted so we weren’t able to check things in detail. But every time, they would wear a hat or covered by jacket.

R: The two persons actually live very near one another. They’re neighbors.  I can walk from one building to the other in 5 minutes; it’s really close by.  Maybe that helped for them to meet up more readily.  So did any of the community neighbors see this couple?

R: Have you ever seen Lee Seunggi or Yoona?
W1: I’ve never seen them. I’ve only seen Seunggi’s younger sibling.

R: Did you know they were dating?
W2: I’ve never seen them. I see Seunggi and his parents, but I’ve never her.
R: They say it’s been 4 months.
W2: Really? He’s with his driver, or most of the time, Seunggi is by himself.

As their dating news broke, old footage of the two are getting a lot of attention. Since 2009, Lee Seunggi chose Yoona as his ideal type. Even  in this more recent interview, perhaps the characteristics he mentioned were about her too? So how did she feel about him? Yoona had also chosen Lee Seunggi as her ideal type too. It really seems like there was something already there years ago. (LOL these male reporters are so giddy.)

R: So what’s been people’s reaction to this dating news?
-Really the two of them are dating? They go great together. (Announcer says woman talk as if their son had a girlfriend! Yup, everyone loves Seunggi!)
-They’re pretty and it makes me feel good.
-They seem like gentle and thoughtful entertainers.  I even think if things work out well, they could even get married.
R: Who do you think is more deserving?
Female: Lee Seunggi! (hehe)
Male: Yoona! (hehe)
Both: Seunggi-Yoona~ enjoy a pretty love just like us. Fighting!
R: Yes, we hope the romance between these two can enjoy a sweet love.

A1: This is 2014’s first official couple. Lee Seunggi and Yoona. Maybe it’s because they are known to be such heartwarming guy – heartwarming girl, but the couple looks great together and it feels good to see them together. And the public reaction seems really good too. I heard that both sides confirmed the dating news soon after.

A2: Within an hour, each side confirmed this in a very cool manner.  As you saw in the photos, the two persons dated in a very upstanding manner.  And it wasn’t that someone introduced the two to one another, but they naturally found favor in one another as boyfriend-girlfriend, so people nearby didn’t know about it either. We hope these two can enjoy a pretty love. And for those who are already bringing up marriage, it’s only 4 months right now, so let’s not be too pushy!

A3: Often times, stars will deny it, but it’s really nice to see them be straightforward about it.  Many fans have given their blessing too. So please have a pretty love, and in the case these two get married, Lee Seunggi can sing his proposal song “Will You Marry Me?” (omg K-news reporters are usually so stoic, so it’s cute to see them be so happy for this couple!)

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28 Responses

  1. i feel the same too! i’m heartbroken but can’t stop be proud of all the supportive comments! and yes i’m counting days waiting for ‘from seung gi’ either eng translate or not. i’ll be much much much much better if i read ‘from seung gi’. i’m all in healing mode now, and i hope we will recover soon, Ann!

    as always, thanks for translating and sharing this post, Ann :)) and Happy New Year! :D

    • Me too, i checked “from Seunggi” everyday.
      I happy for both of them just at least some communicate from our Seunggi .

  2. Haha. I’m happy for him but heartbroken for myself. LOL. I’m sort of in denial now until I see them holding hands together in public or yunno, say something about their relationship instead of having SM and Hook confirm it for them. Yunno, to shove the reality in. Haha.

  3. i also want seung gi oppa to address his fans himself..i am still heartbroken but proud of oppa..even after 4 years yoona is special to him..and how they readily accepted tht they are dating made my heart melt..when this news came my first thought was is it accepted by others or not i was praying while scrolling down the comments..surprisingly 95% Netizens supported them…SONE n AIREN 2 biggest fan groups seems totally accepting this couple..the only thing want is reaction from yoona n seung gi oppa.!!

  4. I accept it. She’s a nice girl. I love the comments that speak about his impeccable image and why SM was so quick to confirm. Just shows what a wonderful person he is. They are perfect together! Buuuut I’m still shocked at times, even @ day 2 it still hasn’t completely sunk it. I know he’s still the same person he was the day before, but… I dunno it’s a weird feeling. I think hearing from him and seeing him again would do wonders for fans feeling a bit lost, but I can totally understand why he won’t say anything too. Considering the thousands of articles out there it would just give the press more reason to write more.

    I honestly feel bad since I don’t think he wanted this type of thing to happen right before he has to enlist in the next year…, but I also figure he knew the risks and felt it was worth it. So I’m still happy for him. He’s wanted to date for awhile!

    I’m sure the shock will wear off and things will go back to normal. Hey, at least he won’t have to answer questions about who his ideal type is anymore…

    • I agree with you..it’s day 2 and still I just can’t accept it..it’s like “i never expected him to date” that type of feeling….lol..i know i am being stupid but i don’t know why i had tears as well as big grin on my face…loving the fact that evrybody id liking them..i need more time to accept it…

    • i think i get what you’re saying about why our lee seung gi don’t say anything (yet) because tht gives more articles to write. tht’s make sense. thank you melissa! :) yokshi, airens are so considerate and thoughtful :)

  5. Thanks as always Ann. I keep opening this blog to know your thought, and of course waiting for eng sub, hehe..
    Like all of you, I fell the same. heartbroken, but relieved and suppperr Happy for him. Now I’m in process to like Yoona more and wish them have really nice relationship.
    As expected, uri Seunggi is really Um-chin-Ah and well mannered. How they way of dating called “Cinderella date” is so cute.
    I even thought, if they can date freely during the day, or if they are not pressured by their busy schedule, he would take her home before ten o’clock.. hehe..

  6. He won’t be so lonely anymore. Let’ support them and wish them joy. Happy new year

  7. Ann, if this helps, hopefully this means his fashion will improve. Especially when he is dating someone from SNSD right ?

  8. Thank you so much Ann..i’m so happy for them..seunggi really gave me a heartattack now..god bless both of you,Lee Seunggi and Im Yoona..

  9. Aww! Thanks for the translations Ann! I wasn’t heart broken tbh, just adjusting the idea that LSG actually has a girlfriend for the last 4 months. That’s crazy! And amazing!

    I’m pretty certain he knew they were being followed. If not, then at least the fact that they will get caught at some point very soon. They both are too big a celebrity to not be caught by reports as good as dispatch. I’m also certain both are okay with that and thus the swift acceptance of both their agencies. I even suspect dispatch gave them a heads up before releasing the news. They’ve been so respectful and showed the couple in such good light that I’m actually not that mad at them for following those two.

    The reactions have been a pleasant surprise what with around 95% of people supporting them. I do agree that hearing from Seunggi would be nice. I’m expecting it sometime this week actually – although he might not want to so as to let the hype die down a little. I hope this relationship brings lots of great moments and happiness for them both, and I wish them every blessing in the world!

    • I’m sure dispatch gave them the heads up and they knew. I hate to call them respectful considering they stalked them for months (years really!), but I do think let them know about it t. Everyone knew the news was coming out and had a plan to respond. Considering it’s after all his big events.. NoF starting, concerts, fm, award show.. I feel they decided to hold off until so not to take the focus off his work.

      He’s also too smart not to know he’d be caught eventually.

  10. Thanks as always for the translation Ann, and Happy New Year.
    I am happy for Seung Gi and Yoona. I have always liked her for some reason. She has always had a soft spot for him, and shown him support publicly and to her fans. The long time attraction or affection has been a two way street with these two. So I feel good about her.
    No one deserves to be loved or be happy more than Seung Gi. He is 27 yr old and he should be dating and experiencing real life, not just work. He has wanted to date etc… for a very long time, so maybe now the timing is just right. I have actually thought for some time that he was involved with someone, so this is not really a big shock to me.
    I would like to hear from him as well, I am curious as to how these two actually started dating, so I hope he tells us that. I also wonder if it has been in the works longer than we are being told, it seems to me with the quick confirmation and etc.. that it must be somewhat serious. No matter what the outcome I just wish love and Happiness for our guy. I have thought that no one portrays being in love more than SG, his drama hugs always come across as so tender and heartfelt, I smile thinking about him actually hugging and kissing in real life with someone he cares about, I am sure he melts hear heart..
    Yoona is beyond adorable in her current drama, anyone not sure about her should check it out.

    I hope they are given some privacy by the reporters, I feel kinda creepy about the secret photos being taken, but they did portray them in a good way so I am happy about that.

  11. Yeah…so this is what it feels like to have your bias come out in the open and be actually dating. I always scoffed at other fangirls when their idols get involved in a relationship, but maybe karma is a beeeach and here I am feeling like a wreck. Mind you, I’m not really a fan that’s “in love” with Seunggi. It’s more like..affection and fondness for this charming and dorky guy. And it’s weird because I get so amused to see his interactions with girls, especially pretty girls, whether it be in his drama, variety shows, concerts..I pretty much like him with every other girl he’s been paired up with ( I’m still hung on the Bora-“couple” dance). But then out of nowhere, bam! He gets into his first dating scandal, and it feels so weird. And now it’s like, everytime I watch something about him, be it NoF, his old dramas, 1n2d..this thought pops up in my head..”Aww, he’s dating *that* girl. Aish!” Sigh. I’ve never really cared for Yoona, sometimes I think she is overrated, and I honestly am having a hard time liking her. (No amount of “oh she’s got a clean image, so cute and adorable, etc” descriptions can make me go that way). But it’s his life and his choices. Seunggi is a loyal guy and I can feel it in my bones that they’re in it for the long haul. Sucks for me, because I happen to dislike the girl, but great for Seunggi, cause at least he’ll be happy. I’ve always agreed with Seunggi’s convictions of marrying a non-celeb in the future, but I guess fate has other plans. Good luck Seunggi-yah.

  12. Thanks so much for the translation! Always loved LSG and never knew much about YOONA but over the yrs can’t help but to fall in love with her!! Now they are dating, bloody awesome and the most anticipated news to kick start 2014!! SOOOOOOO BLOODY HAPPY!!! A goody two shoes dating a girl next door – SWEET!!

  13. it’s great to hear they are actually dating… seung gi oppa waited for yoona to be ready… he liked yoona since 2009 and liked her up to now… of all the guys that says yoona is their ideal girl seunggi is the only one who have been consistent… and now he got his girl and i’m very happy about that… truly he is a good man :) they deserve each other… keep the love burning :) <3 fighting!!!

  14. Im a Yoonaddict (Yoona’s fan) and I would like to say hello to all Seungi Gi’s fans here (Airens) here.

    Happy New Year everyone

    YoonGi couple fighting~ :D

    • Sweet of you to leave a msg. And not to be a party pooper, really I’m not…

      but I’m totally against a couple name for them, especially one like “YoonGi” – in NO way, does that connote anything “Seunggi” related to me.

      Also, Seunggi is a serious actor, singer, and MC. And I’m totally against “silly-fying” his hard work, reputation, and image.

      Seunggi-Yoona couple – works great for me. :)

      • I agree

      • I agree too

      • hahaha “silly-fying” his hard work haha omg that made me laugh so hard!! since when has a couple name anything to do with anyones hard work, reputation or image?! doesn’t all famous couples have one? I’m sorry but I just find your reasoning senseless… I’m a Lee Seunggi fan and I’m really happy for him to finally be dating and it doesn’t matter to with who as long as he is happy!! well I did my researche about her and I came to like her as well she has a bright personality and is a very hard working girl as well so I wish them best of luck!!

      • I’m a massive Seung Gi fan and also a Sone…I see nothing wrong with the couple name “YoonGi”..in no way does it belittle Seung Gi’s hard work or who he is anymore than it belittles Yoona. It’s just the girl’s name first; perhaps you wouldn’t have been bothered if it was “SeungAh”, instead.

    • Taeganger Sone here who’s also an Airen. Nice to see someone from my Sone side of fandom also here. Also a YoonGi fan, have been ever since I found out Seung Gi was crushing on Yoona and how they interaction…even if most of it was for the camera, I still seen chemistry there.

  15. I only hope both of them got married and not just a couple..

    • Haha ! I do too, but I guess it’s too early to think about that :) Really hope this couple will last for ever and they won’t break up

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